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 It’s a familiar story; boy with older brother.  In my case, when I was born my older brother had already clocked in 6 solid years of painting toy soldiers and other various model making activity (almost half his whole life at that point). This was in the golden age of Marx, Tim-Mee Toys and MPC, along with upstarts like Airfix and Matchbox.

With his leftovers, when I was six, I began my journey to learn from him and teach myself paint as good as he could…

Now with 30 some odd years of road time, a humble inventory, and pretty good knack for history, I present to you: The Hand Temple Workshop.

Constructed models and molded figures from various companies (Tamiya, Emhar, HaT, etc.), as well as custom chop-shop “Frankensoldiers”, hand painted, and mounted on wooden displays (for the larger figures), or plexi-glass boards (1/72 etc.) 

For special orders, everything from sprue painting to realistic environment stand mounting can be done for finish. All representations are researched, and as historically accurate as sources allow (this does not mean that i don't do scifi or fantasy figures).

I don’t think I’m as good as my brother- yet – but I’m getting close.

I’m Ted Pickering, and thank you for checking out my site. I look forward to doing buisness with you.

History of project

The whole thing started with a conversation about the cross cultural influences on the evolution of uniforms between the 18th and 19th centuries, and how that also effected the evolution of weapons and tactics of those centuries, as well as the impact on the social directions and the political policies that lead to conflict. And how each conflict is part of a greater whole. That part of the study of warfare is both fascinating and frightening.

One of the conclusions in Report from Iron Mountain was that civilization is the result of war, and not the other way around.  Whether you believe in the veracity of the report or not, there is definitely something to this concept.  From the opening of new markets (Asia from the close of ww2 through the conflict in Vietnam), as well as the impact on pop culture, from music (Arabic infused musical ideas in pop music since 2001), to fashion (the ubiquitous “veteran’s uniform” walking around on the streets in every age and country that ever put a man t war against other men).

In attempting to follow this, one must at least have cursory knowledge of the chronology of wars, there reasons and participants; from the most extreme cases (the Second World War, for example) to the most vague and seemingly  unimportant (the Chaco War, e.g.).

In this part of the quest you run into trouble: the availability of armies, or their representation in the world of miniatures.  This is where I come in.


Check out the AHI(at hand inventory) page, or send a query. Let’s see what we can learn.

Our users

This site, and its services are for wargamers, who lack the time or ability to paint their armies, collectors, and anyone who has a deep appreciation for history, especially military history, and for finely painted (and sometimes crafted) one of a kind miniatures.