Super Heroes!

25mm -28mm customized heroclix, mounted into teams!



$50 per single

$75 per double

$100 per triple

$100-125 for a whole "team"


X-Force (wolverine, warpath, domino, x-23, wolfsbane)

Matt Murdock/Daredevil

The Warriors Three (Hogan the Grim, Volstagg the Voluminous, Fandral the Dashing)


Five Marvels (Ms. Marvel, Capt. Marvel / Genis-vel, Captain Marvel (Kree original), BLue Marvel, Spectrum (formerly  Capt. Marvel II)

Avengers (5 teams; Secret, West Coast, original team, '80s, and the Mighty)


X-Men (3 teams; 1st class, 2nd class, Magneto's team)