1/32 scale (54mm)

German Infantry, Stalingrad 1942

Special offer German (Heer) Infantry in cold weather uniforms, 1942 Stalingrad. Hand painted 1/32 scale figures...

Your price: $70.00

Bolivian Infantry

Special offer Bolivian regular from the Gran Chaco War with Paraguay, 1932-35 1/32 custom build. Figures mounted...

Your price: $120.00

Imperial Japanese Army fire team 1944

1/35 scale Tamiya ija mounted on walnut

Your price: $120.00

General Robert E. Lee

General Robert E. Lee, mounted on walnut

Your price: $50.00

Garibaldi and red shirts

custom set of Garibaldi and his red shirts, from the war of italian unification (1848-71) mounted...

Your price: $150.00

Napoleonic Italian Velites

HaT modification of Italian Velites in Napoleon's service

Your price: $120.00


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